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We'd like to extend a warm welcome to all members of our Minnesauke school community. If you are currently a member of the PTA, thank you for your support. We'd like to encourage those who have not yet joined to become members of the PTA. Your involvement can take many forms: We all have different strengths, and working together helps us all build a wider network that enhances our children's educational and social experiences. Please consider becoming a member of the PTA and collaborate with us to create the best school experience for our children, families, and community. Click the link for more information.


Check in regularly to get updated information regarding school programs and events, as well as forms and answers to FAQs. We hope to make this a great resource to help keep members in the loop about what's going on at our school.

As a paid member, you can also join our Facebook group, Minnesauke PTA. 


We look forward to working together with you to support our children!  


Main office:  631-730-4200

Nurse: 631-730-4210

SACC: 631-730-4218

Bus information/transportation: 631-730-4540

Emergency school closing: 631-730-4050

PTA MEETING DATES 2022 - 2023:

October 3  PTA Meeting 7pm, Cafeteria; PTA Committee Chairs and Class Contacts Meeting, Cafeteria, 8pm

October 20  PTA Meeting 7:30pm, Zoom

November 28  PTA Meeting 7:30pm, Zoom

January 26  PTA Meeting 7:30pm; Class Contacts Mid-Year Check In, 8pm

February 27  PTA Meeting 7:30pm; Zoom

March 30  PTA Meeting 7:30pm

April 17  PTA Meeting 7:30pm; Zoom

May 9  PTA Meeting and Board Elections 7:30pm

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