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Congratulations on your decision to participate in the President’s Volunteer Service Award program!

This award acknowledges students who volunteer their time for community service. The purpose of community service is to renew your commitment to help others and to make new connections that bring us closer together as neighbors, communities, and as a nation. The goal is to recognize and honor volunteers who set a standard for service, encourage sustained commitment to civic participation, and inspire others.  

You will be asked to document your service activities between April 1, 2023, and March  31, 2024. In June 2024, the Three Village Teachers Association and the Three Village PTA will host a ceremony to acknowledge your service. We welcome any pictures of your child working on a volunteer project and will provide instructions for sharing them.  

The official and required log (Pages 7-10 of the log and guidlines document) is the only acceptable log. Please accurately document your hours as you serve, print this log, and clearly write your hours, providing as many details as possible, which will be considered and reviewed by the committee. 


Friday, April 5th, 2024
Completed logs must be printed (not emailed) and submitted to your building Main Office on Friday, April 5th, 2024, by the time the buses leave your school. Late logs cannot and will not be accepted after this deadline; no exceptions will be made. It is your responsibility to
contact your chairperson if you do not receive confirmation of receipt of your log by April 19th. 

Teenagers Cleaning Up the Beach

Examples of Community Service

  • Walks for Charity. 5K is a one-hour service unless additional activities are specified (setup, booth duty, cleaning). Attach a copy of your registration form  and your race number. 

  • Beach/Community Clean Ups with Environmental Organization 

  • Performances for Senior Centers, Veterans Home, Hospitals or Charitable Organizations not required by an organization (Scouts, Student Government,  Band, Orchestra, Etc.). 

  • School Musical - If you are NOT a member of a club and helped in the musical, the hours count. Lighting, Sound, Costumes, Make-Up, and Ushering count as service. 

  • Parade Participation (Ex: Marching Band Parade Performances, Not Football Games or Festivals) 

  • Hair Donation (One Hour Maximum with Verification) 

  • Rescue and Adoption Events 

  • Foster a Dog or Cat (Maximum Four Hours Per Day with Verification) 

  • School Clubs that Involve Planning and Participating in Community Service  (Environmental Association, Student Government, Art Honor, Key Club, Kids  Care, Etc.) 

  • Soup Kitchen Assistance 

  • Coordinating or Working a Charitable Drive 

  • Scouting activities that benefit the community must be listed on a separate log with specific dates, times, events, locations. 

  • Tree Trimming and Scarecrow Events in Stony Brook Village are acceptable, however, volunteer time includes making the items and decorating, and does not include the festivities after. 

  • Services Related to Community Awareness Play or Program (Ex: Gelinas Adolescent Issue Play) 

  • Attendance at Board of Education or Civic Association meetings are acceptable if  the student attended for a community service reason, NOT for a club requirement.

  • Basket Donations (Specify: Made or Shopped for Items, Wrapped, Sold Raffle Tickets, Etc.).

Lawn Maintenance

NOT Acceptable as Community Service

  • Any Performance, Sports Competitions or Activity for the Benefit of a Not-for-Profit Organization, in Which the Earned Money Goes Back to the Production Company or Production Costs 

  • For Profit Organization Unless for a Specific Charitable Event and Money Raised  Donated to Not-for-Profit 

  • Working with Children at Camp if Student Paying to Participate (CIT Program) 

  • Sports Team Manager 

  • Activities for Able-Bodied People (Moving, Painting, Lawn Care, Cleaning, and Babysitting Children or Pets) 

  • Any Hours Volunteered for a Competition 

  • School Musical Classes, Rehearsals, or Performances for Performers and Musicians 

  • All School Club General Meetings that do Not Involve Planning or Participating in Community Services. Any service hours arranged through the club for another organization must have proper paperwork from the organization. 

  • Marching Band Performances During Festivals and Football Games 

  • Tutoring or Instructing of Students for Pay and/or Tips 

  • Selling Anything for Fundraising Purposes (Ex: Patriot Cards) 

  • Scouting: Booth sales do not count for raising money for troop parties, trips, etc.  

    • If you log hours for a booth sale where the proceeds were donated and/or used solely for community or volunteer service projects, proof of that donation must be submitted. Sorting of any kind of products for your troop OR the Service Unit will not be accepted (cookies, nuts, popcorn, etc.). Troop leaders cannot sign off on volunteer hours unless no one else can. Only representatives from the organization the services were performed will be accepted. 

    • For example, if you volunteer with your troop at the St. James Soup Kitchen, a  representative from the soup kitchen must sign your log and give a contact number.

    • If you are volunteering for a parade, the Troop Leader can sign. 

  • Lip Sync or Talent Shows Performances if Student Performed in the Show. If a student volunteered time (setup, cleanup, etc.) and did not perform in the show, hours will count. 

  • Services Required for Participation/Membership in a Course or Club (Ex:  Chorus/Band requires students to play at certain functions during non-school hours, Student Government requires students to attend a certain number of hours of PTA/BOE meetings.) 

  • School clubs are an activity, not a volunteer service (Ex: Yearbook Club, any School Newspaper Position). 

  • Assisting with Religious Worship Service or Religion Classes 

  • Travel Time to or From Any Service Activity 

  • Volunteering for Extended Periods in or out of State or Country (Ex: Meals, Recreation & Sleeping Time) 

  • Monetary Donations/Purchasing Anything for Donation Purposes (Do not submit any type of receipt with your log.) 

  • Political Events

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