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This year the PTA will be celebrating all of our teachers, administrators and support staff throughout Teacher Appreciation Week - Monday, May 6 - Friday, May 10

This year's theme will be "In Our Appreciation Era" - as a nod to Taylor Swift 🫶 

Please have your student complete the appreciation templates and send them back into school (preferably in an envelope so their teacher doesn’t see it) labeled Minne PTA.

They can make as many as they would like and are encouraged to make one for teachers - including any special teachers (art, PE, library, etc.), administration, and support staff (lunch monitors, aids, custodial staff, security, SACC staff).  

We will be collecting them all by Thursday, May 2 and will use them to decorate the lunch room for the staff to see.

Click here and here to pull up the sheets and print at home.Click

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